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What's hot and tending in 2017 floral designs, were going to cover everything from personal wearable flowers to cetnerpieces, from venue table and roomscapes to venue tranformations. We will also look at arrangements for your home, car, limosines, horse drawn carrages and evey other use of flowers and floral designs. We will cover all things flower from weddings to graduations, from birthdays to coporate, from baby showers to get well and sympathy and every other type of event, gala, party or get together that you can imagine or plan for. 



Forces  of   Nature

Force of Nature invokes serene shades of blue and green, harmoniously connecting man and nature. One cannot escape Force of Nature’s free and casual nautical themes overflowing with garden wonders. Soft blue colors and muted patterns contrasted with aged metallic finishes create a calming presentation. Heirloom roses together with variegated foliages, ferns and stem-dyed flowers come alive in artisan flared glass vases. The natural pods and flowers of scabiosa and nigella combined with the elegance of orchids and hydrangeas provide Force of Nature with a pop of various shades of ocean blue complementing the natural green foliages.


Wedding  Color  Combination  Ideas  for  2017  Trends

The colors you choose for your wedding day can come from anywhere — it’s all about discovering the best reflection of your style. Maybe you have one color in mind, but are wondering what combination will create a harmonious palette. That’s where we come in with our wedding color inspirations. This week we will look at the Natural, White and Green color pallet.

Headi2017  Prom Floral    Trendsng

Dress? Check. Shoes? Check. Date? Check.


Gorgeous flowers to match it all?


If you haven’t marked this one off your prom to-do list, there are some fun design trends to look forward to when choosing your corsage and boutonniere.


Ribbons and other materials of different sizes, colors, and textures. From brooch corsages to jeweled bracelets, lots of bling is still in style. Floral ring corsages are a new way to dress up prom night. For the guys, abstract boutonnieres with lots of wire and different materials are becoming more popular.